Machinery Removal

When you need a machine to be removed from it’s existing home where do you go? If you contact Greater London Haulage you will be surprised with what we can offer. We have the ability to lift heavy and abnormal loads and transport them anywhere in the UK. A machine is quite often a heavy and abnormal load, so we are perfectly equipped for this type of work.

If a machine is obsolete or is to be replaced you will want it moved out of your premises quickly and in the most cost-effective manner.

What machines can we transport?

The type of machines we regularly transport can include generators, specialised dollys, printing presses, cable manufacturing, heaters, CNC machines, lathes, drilling machines, sheet metal machines and much more.

Factory Relocation

Are you in need of a company to assist with machinery moving during your factory relocation? We are on hand to help. With our many years of experience moving machinery of all kinds over the UK, we are the perfect partner for your move.

As we said above, the types of machinery we can relocate are: cable manufacturing, heaters, CNC machines, lathes, drilling machines and much more.